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Rasmus Munk to Cater Most Expensive Dinner in the Stratosphere

Space Perspective, one of the first luxury space tourism companies is hosting a meal aboard Neptune in the stratosphere priced at $495,000 each. Now, they just need to find a group of six to pay for history’s most expensive meal, on Earth or in space.

Rasmus Munk, Michelin-starred chef and co-owner of the acclaimed Alchemist restaurant in Copenhagen, will be catering meals.

Rasmus Munk

According to the company, the Neptune will be the largest spacecraft for humans, with a diameter of 4.9 meters, providing seating for eight passengers and a captain. Unlike competitors Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, guests will not have to deal with weightlessness or zero gravity. Additionally, it boasts the largest windows ever flown in space, ideal for taking selfies and enjoying breathtaking views.

Each guest will be outfitted by French fashion house Ogier, who will craft made-to-measure outfits designed using cutting-edge fabric technology developed for this mission.

The six-hour journey is set to launch in 2025 from the Space Coast of Florida and will be priced at US$495,000 per ticket.

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