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Space Perspective Unveils a Capsule for Space Tourism

The American space tourism company, Space Perspective, has unveiled a test capsule for its space vessel Neptune, which is set to transport travelers to the edge of space by 2025.

The capsule will embark on its first unmanned test flight in the coming weeks, with hopes of launching commercial flights next year.

According to the company, it will be the largest spacecraft for humans, with a diameter of 4.9 meters, providing seating for eight passengers and a captain. Unlike competitors Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, guests will not have to deal with weightlessness or zero gravity. Additionally, it boasts the largest windows ever flown in space, ideal for taking selfies and enjoying breathtaking views.

For passenger convenience, the company plans to include a cocktail bar, restroom, and Wi-Fi. The journey itself will last six hours, with a ticket price of $125,000.

Space Perspective describes the vessel as the “safest, most luxurious, and most responsible way to experience space.”

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