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Titanic Menu

Rare Titanic Menu from April 11, 1912, Up for Auction at £60,000

A unique glimpse into the past as a Titanic Menu, dated four days before the ship’s tragic encounter with an iceberg, is set to be auctioned for £60,000 on November 11.

The auction, hosted by Henry Aldridge and Son, reveals the exquisite dishes served in the first-class restaurant of the Titanic on April 11, 1912. Previously, only menus from April 14 were known, discovered in the attire of survivors. The menu, now on sale, belonged to the family of Canadian historian Len Stevenson from Nova Scotia, where bodies from the disaster were brought. Stevenson passed away in 2017, and the menu was recently found by his daughter while going through her late father’s belongings.

The estimated value of this rare find is £60,000, but experts believe it could fetch an even higher price. According to experts, there is no other existing menu from April 11 worldwide, making it exceptionally unique. The menu details the first-class passengers’ dinner, featuring oysters, filet mignon and lamb, parsnip puree, and a Tarte Bourdaloue.

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