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Climate Scientists Predict Scorching Summer 2024

Climate scientists predict that summer 2024 will be as scorching as the previous one, followed by a “turnover” marked by abrupt cooling and severe storms. Last summer witnessed record-breaking heatwaves, disrupting the leisure plans of countless tourists and prompting many to reconsider their vacation choices.

According to experts cited by Mirror, extreme weather conditions will continue to plague the planet, with waves of intense heat alternating with sharp cooling and powerful hurricanes.

Professor of Climate Science at the University of Reading, Richard Allan, suggests that the scorching weather experienced last year is likely to repeat itself this year, followed by contrasting conditions. Eeva Ruuska, a representative of Risk Line, also agrees that temperatures will remain above average in 2024. She advises tourists who struggle with extreme heat to plan their summer vacations more responsibly and closely monitor weather forecasts closer to their departure dates, as predicting weather in today’s unstable conditions becomes increasingly challenging.

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