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Underground City

Hidden 2,000-Year-Old Underground City Unearthed in Turkey

In a remarkable discovery, a resident of Turkey has uncovered an underground city beneath his barn, estimated to be around 2,000 years old. Mustafa Khalidjioglu, who initiated excavations five years ago and continues the city’s reconstruction, recently shared this astounding find with the public. The underground city comprises at least two distinct layers connected through tunnels.

Khalidjioglu resides on a street housing one of Kayseri’s tourist attractions—the house of the Ottoman-era architect Mimar Sinan. The structure, initially used as a barn for hay storage and as a warehouse, was later filled with debris by locals. Determined to clear the space of contamination, Khalidjioglu embarked on the cleanup effort.

He estimates the city’s area to be 300 square meters, with tunnels featuring stones blocking passages, ranging from 50 centimeters to 1.5 meters in width. Surprisingly, Khalidjioglu’s family was unaware of the underground city beneath their home, utilizing the space as storage rooms and haylofts.

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