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Princess Diana

Princess Diana Online Museum Opens

The largest collection of Princess Diana’s personal historical items in the world currently on display, online 24/7. The only Diana online museum that contains over 1,700 carefully curated iconic, personal and historical artifacts spanning Diana’s lifetime from early childhood through her tragic death. Displayed in a 3D interactive environment, the artifacts depict her incredible life and reveal her enduring legacy.

Once inside the museum, a real time location map and virtual avatars will guide you through the museum in English or Spanish. An exclusive community chat and video feature will enable visitors to share experiences in real time to create a sense of belonging. In addition, over 40 exclusive interviews with Diana’s friends, designers, artists and closest collaborators will give you a unique insight of one of the biggest icons in modern history. We hope this virtual journey will unite people from all around the world and inspire a desire to treat others with kindness and to help others while expecting nothing in return just as Princess Diana once did.

“With the sudden rise of COVID-19 virus forcing us to practice ‘social distancing,’ we are making access to Princess Diana’s Museum completely free for one month. This will not only help take people’s minds off of all the bad news out there but it will help them connect with each other since users can interact in the museum environment and give back in Diana’s honor”, Renae Plant and Livinio Stuyck founders at The Princess & The Platypus Foundation said.

Princess Diana museum works perfectly with your internet broadband connection, any operating system PC/Mac/iOS/ Android on any popular desktop, laptop or tablet internet browser. Mobile phones are not supported due to the large extent of graphical elements and information rendered.

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