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Poland Lifts Border Controls with Slovakia

Poland has allowed unrestricted border crossing with Slovakia without additional checks. The decision comes after Polish authorities concluded that the risk of illegal migration in this region has decreased. Poland implemented internal border controls with Slovakia on October 4, 2023. However, now that the migration situation along the so-called Balkan route has stabilized, the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs announced the removal of restrictions at the border.

While controls on individuals entering Poland through Slovakia will be eased, the Polish government will continue to closely monitor the situation. If there is a risk of increased illegal migration, border control with Slovakia may be reinstated.

The lifting of border controls comes just before the spring holidays when many people travel between EU countries. This decision will facilitate smoother border crossings between the nations. Travelers will no longer need to spend time on additional checks that they might have faced at the Polish-Slovak border.

Internal border control among European countries is a common practice within the EU. It is implemented to effectively combat smuggling and illegal migration. For instance, in October, Germany introduced additional checks at the borders with Poland, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland.

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