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Train Service Between Vilnius and Riga

Poland Unveils Ambitious Plans for High-Speed Rail Line

Poland has announced a groundbreaking initiative to construct a new high-speed rail line connecting major cities, accompanied by the development of a “mega-airport” serving as a central transit hub. The government has allocated €37 million for the ambitious project, which involves the construction of 140 kilometers of high-speed rail tracks and a four-kilometer-long tunnel.

The proposed high-speed rail route, spanning 140 kilometers, will link Warsaw with the cities of Łódź and Wrocław. This endeavor is part of the broader Solidarity Transport Hub (CPK) project, which aims to establish an expansive airport situated between Warsaw and Łódź. The Polish government envisions the transport hub to become one of the largest in Europe.

In addition to enhancing connectivity between major cities, the high-speed rail line and mega-airport represent a strategic move to boost economic activity and accommodate the anticipated increase in travelers post-pandemic. While Warsaw currently boasts two airports, the new hub is deemed economically viable and is expected to play a pivotal role in Poland’s transportation infrastructure.

The development aligns with Poland’s commitment to modernizing its transportation network, providing faster and more efficient connections between key urban centers. The ambitious project underscores Poland’s dedication to fostering economic growth, improving accessibility, and positioning itself as a significant player in European transportation.

The launch of a train connection to Katowice Airport was possible thanks to the reconstruction and revitalisation of railway line 182 Zawiercie – Tarnowskie Góry, carried out by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA with support from European Union’s sources.

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