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Per Capita Tourism Income Increased in Turkey

According to the data of tourism income and expenses announced by TURKSTAT and the number of tourists announced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism; 9 months of 2020, tourist numbers and income showed drop in Turkey.

How much has tourism income decreased in 2020?

According to the data including tourism income and expenses announced by TURKSTAT; Turkey has achieved 8.14 billion dollars in tourism revenue shrank 69.4 % in the nine-month period in 2020.
The country had an income of 26.63 billion dollars in the same period of 2019. Per capita, tourism income increased by 11.6 % rose to 724 dollars from 649 dollars.
On the other hand, according to 9 months data; Overnight expenditures of visitors also increased from $ 67 to $ 70, up 5.3%.

What was the number of tourists in 9 months?

According to the data announced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the total number of visitors to Turkey in the 9-month period of 2020 decreased by 71.3% from 41.56 million to 11.91 million.
During this period, the number of foreign tourists contracted by 74.03%, falling from 36.42 million to 9.45 million people.
The number of citizen visitors residing abroad who came to our country also decreased by 52.2% to 2.45 million.

What happened in the market?

According to data most tourists to Turkey in the nine-month period with 1.42 million received from the Russian market. While the number of German tourists decreased by 77 to 912 thousand from 4 million in 2019, the number of arrivals from Russia decreased by 76% from 5.9 million to 1.42 million.

Has the Ukrainian influence continued?

Despite the decline in 2020, our most dynamic market was Ukraine. The number of Ukrainian tourists, which was 1.32 million in 2019, decreased by 41.7% to 772 thousand. Ukraine thus surpassed the British market of 727 thousand people, becoming the third. On a monthly basis, Ukraine stood out as the only market that increased in September.

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