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Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz Is Emirates’ New Brand Ambassador

Emirates is set to launch its latest ad campaign and brand collaboration featuring Penelope Cruz, with the campaign expected to debut in mid-summer 2023. As an Academy Award-winning actor and philanthropist, Cruz is already a fan of the Emirates brand and a frequent flyer who has visited Dubai on multiple occasions. In exclusive behind-the-scenes footage filmed onboard an Emirates A380 aircraft, Cruz expressed her passion for the airline and her positive association with the brand. She stated her excitement about partnering with Emirates after enjoying years of traveling with the airline on some of her most memorable trips.

The new TV spots, which will be aired globally starting from June 2023, will be available in both English and Cruz’s native Spanish. The ads will revolve around the theme of ‘travel is not just about the end destination; it’s also about how you get there,’ provoking thought and reflection. The short ads will showcase Cruz experiencing all the exclusive luxuries that Emirates First and Business Class customers enjoy as part of their Fly Better experience. This includes sampling crafted beverages in the A380 Onboard Lounge, indulging in a shower above the clouds, cheering for a live football game on TV, and savoring generous servings of luxury caviar. Other spots will highlight Cruz’s enjoyment of the spacious seats in Emirates’ new Premium Economy Class.

Throughout the ads, Cruz will interact with Emirates Cabin Crew in multiple languages and enjoy the wide variety of movies and content available on Emirates’ award-winning ice inflight entertainment system, which boasts a massive 32-inch full HD LCD screen—the largest in the aviation industry. The ads will also feature Cruz utilizing the personal temperature controls in her private First Class Suite, using bespoke binoculars to admire the breathtaking views, and donning Emirates’ hydra-active moisturizing pyjamas to relax in her lie-flat bed, surrounded by a range of luxury amenities. These elements ensure that Cruz’s journey is spectacular from the beginning.

Renowned Hollywood director Robert Stromberg, a double Oscar winner with an illustrious career spanning movies, TV series, and commercials, directed and brought each of the new TV spots to life. Stromberg worked closely with the Emirates brand team to capture the thoughtful luxury of the Fly Better experience while incorporating Cruz’s cheeky sense of humor. The production was supported by the esteemed production house Ridley Scott Associates, with special effects by Framestore, a multi award-winning creative studio.

Richard Billington, Emirates’ Senior Vice President of Brand and Advertising, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating that Emirates is focused on delivering a Fly Better experience where the journey itself is as important as the destination. Billington emphasized that every detail is taken care of in the Emirates experience and that Penelope Cruz was the perfect fit as a brand ambassador due to her class, style, and modern global appeal.

Joining the ranks of other successful global ads such as “Burj Girl,” “Jennifer Aniston onboard Emirates,” and “Gerry the Goose,” Penelope Cruz’s partnership in this ad series will be broadcasted globally on TV news channels and featured on Emirates’ digital channels. Additional joint activities between Cruz and Emirates will be announced in the coming year.

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