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In-Flight Loungewear

Emirates Introduces Exclusive In-Flight Loungewear for Business Class Passengers

Emirates has unveiled a new exclusive product – signature in-flight loungewear for business-class passengers on flights lasting nine hours or more, regardless of the departure time.

The airline’s designers independently developed the loungewear over a year, crafting them from modal, a lightweight and breathable material. The pajamas also feature an “elegant drape” designed to suit various body types.

According to airline representatives, the sets are “so comfortable and stylish that they can be worn both in the airport and at home.” In addition to the blue pajamas, the premium set includes slippers and sleep masks. For shorter flights (lasting at least 2.5 hours), business-class passengers will receive slippers and an eye mask.

This new in-flight loungewear is part of Emirates’ investment in enhancing the quality of passenger service on board. Before introducing this service, the airline assessed passenger reactions to the new pajamas on flights between Dubai, New York, and Boston.

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