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Odessa Wine Week Took Place in Ukraine

Fifteen original events about wine, winemaking and gastronomic tourism took place in Odessa from May 18 to 23 as part of Odessa Wine Week.

87 speakers and experts from Ukraine (from Odessa to Transcarpathia) and from 18 countries of the world (from Austria to Japan) took part in the events.

The event aroused great interest in wine, tourism, business and media communities – about 3 thousand visitors visited the locations of Odessa Wine Week these days.

The program consisted of sectoral, cross-sectoral, educational, mass events. In particular, the congress part included more than 40 topics of reports and discussions.

Wine Future Forum

Winemakers, marketers, journalists discussed the prospects of the wine industry.

In particular, the discussion “The future of wine: the view of winemakers” was attended by: a winemaker in the fifth generation, chief winemaker “Chateau Changyu Moser XV” Lenz Moser (Austria); CEO of SHABO wine company Giorgi Iukuridze (Ukraine, Odessa); owner of the Vinos de La Luz group of companies Ricardo Nunez (Argentina); owner of the craft winery Stakhovsky Wines, First racket of Ukraine Sergey Stakhovsky (Ukraine, Transcarpathia); winemaker, general director of “PIERA 1899” Pierre Martellozzo (Italy).

As a result of the discussion, winemakers came to the following conclusions about the future of wine:

  • wine brands will become more personalized;
  • rose and sparkling trends are likely to persist;
  • online tastings cannot replace traditional ones;
  • consumption of Ukrainian wine will grow in Ukraine (this will not happen tomorrow, but in the near future);
  • there will be more wineries in Ukraine.

All-Ukrainian tasting competition “Odessa Wine & Spirit Awards”

65 Ukrainian companies (305 wine samples) took part in the competition.

In the assessment, a specialized tasting program of the English company Gustos Life was used, which uses blockchain technology (excludes the possibility of changing the assessments of experts during the competition and after its end).

A feature of the competition’s expertise is the combination of sensory analysis methodology and the work of a jury, which consisted of 16 qualified and certified experts. The work of the jury could be watched live.

According to the results of the competition, 30 wines received gold medals in the wine category, 49 wines – silver medals; in the category of spirits: 7 gold medals and 7 silver medals.

The winners of the competition have the right to place the logo of the received award on the product label of the product.

“Best Riedel glass for Odessa Black variety”

This competition project is aimed at promoting the Ukrainian wine brand, shaping the image of Odessa Black wine as a business card of Ukrainian winemaking in the world – by analogy with Saperavi (Georgia), Feteasca (Moldova), Malbec (Argentina), Bordeaux (Chile), Shiraz (Australia) and others.

32 samples of wine from the autochthonous grape variety “Odessa Black” were submitted for the competition.

In the course of the project, the best glass of the world famous Riedel brand was officially selected for the local wine “Odessa Black”. Wine experts chose glass No. 4, Performance collection, out of 9 variants of glasses.

The best wine from the “Odessa Black” variety was Aliberne Reserve Limited Edition, 2017, “Gigineishvili Wine House”. Ukrainian autochthon received its first official glass.

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