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National Parks Launched Online Broadcasts

Now we can enjoy European national parks and other natural sites from the comfort of our homes. The administrations of nature parks launched online broadcasts so that everyone can enjoy nature without violating quarantine.

You can see the Panoramic view of Mount Olympus and view over windmills in Mykonos in Greece.

Doñana’s ICTS – a Singular Scientific-Technical Infrastructure aimed at providing access and support to conduct scientific research at the Doñana Protected Areas, invites you to watch the life of Iberian lynxes, fallow deer and deer that live on its territory online.

In Italy, you can “get” to many famous places. For example, look at the volcano Etna or admire the views of Lake Como in northern Italy.

Watch online broadcasts with sound elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, zebras, leopards and other animals in Tsavo East National Park, Kenya or Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia.

Watch Galápagos giant tortoises from Semilla Verde Hotel in Isla Santa Cruz online from World Heritage Site.

National parks and sites are not the only ones to go online. After many European museums were quarantined, virtual exhibitions and online tours began to actively develop. Check out the list of 20 museums around the world that offer online tours.

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