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Moscow River Cruises

Moscow River Cruises See Over 20% Increase in Summer Season Trips

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin reports a surge in Moscow River cruises and leisure boat trips, exceeding last year’s numbers by over 20%.

In a recent update, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin shared that the number of trips on Moscow River cruises and leisure boats during this summer’s navigation season has witnessed a remarkable increase of more than 20% compared to last year. Sobyanin revealed these statistics in his Thursday Telegram channel post.

“This summer navigation season saw 2.2 million trips on Moscow River cruises and leisure boats, exceeding last year’s figures by 22%,” wrote Sobyanin.

The mayor attributed this success to a comprehensive approach to infrastructure development and the organization of river transport services. Moscow’s Deputy Mayor for Transport, Maxim Liksutov, informed journalists that 320,000 passengers embarked on cruises from the Southern and Northern river terminals.

“This is nearly 35% more than the previous year. Moscow’s river terminals have never sent out such a large number of passengers on cruises,” stated Liksutov during the closing ceremony of the navigation season at the Northern river terminal.

Liksutov highlighted that river electric vessels operate year-round on two regular routes. He emphasized their readiness and testing for the winter season, including preparations for potential icebreaking with ice thickness exceeding 20 cm.

Additionally, Liksutov outlined the city’s ambitious plans to launch new routes in the upcoming navigation season, indicating a positive outlook for the development of Moscow’s river transport services.

The significant surge in river trips indicates a growing interest in Moscow’s waterways for leisure and tourism, underscoring the city’s commitment to enhancing its river transport infrastructure.

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