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Liberty Golf Tournament to Take Place in Kuşadası Golf Club

The Liberty Golf Tournament will take place at the par 72 championship course in Kuşadası Golf Club on May 11-12. The length of the course, which was designed for a real golf experience, is exactly 6322 meters. The course that stretches as far as the eye can see and is coated with bermuda grass, glides through the Mediterranean forest of centuries-old pine, plane, and olive trees, and reaches the breathtakingly beautiful view of Kuşadası Bay and the Aegean Sea.

The lakes, water obstacles, bumps, and sandbox on the course, which is one of the most challenging courses in Turkey, will make the golfing experience even more exciting. There are a total of 18 holes in the tournament, which will last two rounds and be held in a stableford points game format.

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