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“Relax Onboard” La Compagnie

La Compagnie Introduces Wellness Onboad Program

The all-business-class, French boutique airline La Compagnie has introduced “Relax Onboard”—an in-flight program designed to create the most serene and relaxing experience at 30,000 feet. The wellness program encompasses guided in-flight meditation, thoughtful products to quench parched skin, a new calming safety video, and healthy snacks and beverages to ensure travelers are wrapped in a relaxing cocoon from the moment they step onto their flight, all the way to their final destination. The calm and mindful atmosphere aboard La Compagnie’s new aircraft begins with a safety video like no other. Led by yogis and filled with relaxing music, the instructional video guides passengers through the safety requirements with the gentleness and serenity of yoga, which has been proven to fight anxiety, depression, and stress, as well as help, reduce inflammation in the body.

Beyond the safety instructions, travelers can experience a myriad of offerings from take-off to touch-down including:


To work on not only the well-being of the body but also of the mind, La Compagnie has partnered with Petit Bambou, a mindful meditation application available on the aircraft’s entertainment system. The guided meditation exercises are specially designed to help with air travel and to address in-flight stress triggers such as taxiing, take-off, turbulence, cruising, descent and landing.


On long-haul flights, altitude and cabin pressure tend to dehydrate the skin. Caudalie, a privileged partner of La Compagnie since its inception, ensures that its passengers’ skin remains quenched throughout the flight by providing them with moisturizing products in 15ml format for the face and hands. Throughout the month of February, in addition to the usual products available onboard, passengers will also find Caudalie’s Eau de Beauté, which is enriched with essential oil and plant extracts to help maintain skin radiance and stimulate microcirculation.


The art of wellness is not complete without a balanced meal. La Compagnie offers healthy menus, boasting new selections and flavors each month, based on seasonal ingredients. Passengers can also enjoy savory and sweet snacks from Les Fruits Détendus and Bon Bean chocolates, paired with Kusmi Tea’s detoxifying tea blends. Exclusive to guests flying on the inaugural“wellness” flight from Paris to New York on February 27, the high-speed, transatlantic Wi-Fi will allow passengers to enjoy a live meditation session via a webinar given by Mathilde Farcy-Mossard, a meditation expert at Petit Bambou. Additionally, two yoga teachers, Tatiana and Heloise, will guide passengers through various yoga poses that can be easily performed on board, enabling travelers to complete their journey feeling relaxed and refreshed in their mind and body!

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