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Cosmos Moonlight

Kilit Hospitality Group Unveils Luxurious Cosmos Moonlight Catamaran in Turkey

Kilit Hospitality Group, the Turkish conglomerate managing hotel brands Nirvana and Crystal, has successfully realized its yacht project announced two years ago, just in time for the 2024 season. The Cosmos Moonlight, Turkey’s largest luxury catamaran, embarked on its maiden voyage along the coastline of the Kemer region, sailing from the Nirvana Dolce Vita hotel to Chirali Bay and back.

Measuring an impressive 50 by 20 meters and featuring four decks, the Cosmos Moonlight catamaran is not only the largest but also the newest in its class in Turkey, accommodating up to 300 passengers at full capacity. It boasts a comprehensive infrastructure, making it a standout vessel in the region.

Onboard the Cosmos Moonlight are two restaurants offering unique dining experiences. The Sea Club, located on the lower deck, offers a buffet-style service during the day and transforms into an a’la carte restaurant in the evening. Meanwhile, the private Lobster Club restaurant at the bow of the ship serves exquisite dishes curated by French chef Fabrice Cannelle. The catamaran’s second and third decks house a nightclub equipped with modern audiovisual equipment and the Cosmopolitan bar, where guest DJs entertain the crowd. On the upper deck, known as the “sun deck” in cruise terminology, guests can enjoy signature cocktails at The Dock bar, prepared by professional mixologists.

For the 2024 season, the Cosmos Moonlight catamaran plans to sail from the Nirvana Dolce Vita hotel seven days a week, offering excursions accessible to guests from any hotel along the Antalya coast of Turkey. Excursions can be booked through guides in Turkey, personal assistants at Nirvana Hotels, the official Cosmos Moonlight website, or through travel agents. Currently, there are two available programs for booking.

The daytime program, suitable for children aged 7 and above, runs from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and includes brunch and beverages at the Sea Club restaurant and bars on an Ultra All-Inclusive basis. The second deck features a large screen that transforms into a gaming zone with Xbox and PlayStation consoles for children.

The catamaran navigates the waters of the Kemer coastline, offering breathtaking views on the route to Chirali Bay and back. The morning program costs 200 euros, reduced to 100 euros per person for Nirvana hotel guests. The evening program (for ages 7+ for dinner and 18+ for the nightclub) includes dinner and a party at the nightclub on the Cosmos Moonlight and costs 250 euros, reduced to 125 euros for Nirvana hotel guests. Beverages at the Sea Club restaurant and bars are also included in the “Ultra All-Inclusive” package. Notably, the catamaran remains docked during the evening program, offering a stationary experience within the hotel’s waters.

The evening program runs from 6:30 pm to 1:00 am, and options are available for those wishing to pay separately for dinner (suitable for children aged 7+) or the nightclub experience (suitable for ages 18+).

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