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How to Reach Ukraine During the War? The Nearest Airports to Ukraine

Due to martial law in Ukraine, all airports in Ukraine were closed. It is a necessary security measure, which significantly reduced the mobility of Ukrainians and foreigners who want to reach Ukraine.

Ukrainetravelnews.com prepared for you information about the nearest airports to Ukraine, located as close as possible to the Ukrainian border.


Airports in Rzeszów and Lublin are the closest to the Ukrainian border.

Rzeszów airport is located 100 km from the Krakowiec or Shehyni checkpoints. There are 5 airlines with flights from Rzeszow: LOT – Polish Airlines, Region-Avia, Ryanair, Wizz Air and Wizz Air UK. This airport has connections with Warsaw, Gdansk, Bristol, Dublin, London, Nottingham, Torp, Manchester, Venice, New York and Eindhoven.

Lublin airport is located 90 km from the Jagodyn checkpoint. Budget airlines Ryanair and Wizz Air as well as LOT fly to and from Lublin. 
Ryanair offers services from Dublin. Wizz Air – from Oslo, London, Doncaster, Split, Burgas, and Eindhoven. LOT flies to Warsaw.

Krakow Airport, also known as John Paul II International Airport (Balice Airport), is the second largest airport in Poland. It is not so close to the border but provides a good choice of destinations. The airport has non-stop passenger flights scheduled to 111 destinations in 32 countries.

The nearest airports to Ukraine


The nearest airports to Ukraine in Slovakia

The closest airport to Zakarpattia Oblast is the airport in the city of Košice. Five airlines offer their services to those willing to travel by air:

Austrian offers flights to Vienna.
Smart Wings operates to Heraklion, Larnaka, and Phodes.
Eurowings – to Dusseldorf.
With Ryanair, it is possible to fly to or from Vienna, Prague, London, Dublin and Liverpool.
Wizz Air operates flights to and from London.

The nearest airports to Ukraine in Hungary

The closest airport to the Ukrainian border is the airport in Debrecen, which is located 120 km from Chop.
Lufthansa flies from Debrecen to Munich. 
Wizz Air offers flights to London, Brussels, Paris, Eindhoven, Corfu, Larnaka, Tel Aviv, Burgas, Beauvais, and Palma de Mallorca.

The nearest airports to Ukraine in Romania

Suceava airport is located just 40 km from the Porubne checkpoint. Both the local Romanian airline TAROM and low-cost carriers Ryanair and Wizz Air fly to Suceava.
The list of destinations is wide enough: Brussels, Venice, Rome, Bergamo, Bologna, Treviso, Dublin, Manchester, Larnaca, Paris, Dortmund, Bucharest, Vienna, Memmingen, Beauvais, and Eindhoven.

The nearest airports to Ukraine in Moldova

Chisinau Airport is the closest to Odesa Oblast and is located next to Moldova’s capital, so it has an extensive network of destinations.
You can fly with four network airlines: Turkish Airlines to Istanbul, Austrian Airlines to Vienna, LOT to Warsaw, TAROM to Bucharest.
Wizz Air offers services to Prague, Berlin, Venice, Barcelona, ​​Larnaca and other cities.
Air Moldova and Flyone fly to London, Tel Aviv, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Amsterdam and other European cities.

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