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Ban on Smoking

France Introduced Ban on Smoking in Public Places

The French government has implemented a ban on smoking cigarettes on beaches, in parks, and certain public spaces.

As part of the “anti-tobacco plan,” smoking will be prohibited on beaches, school premises, in state forests, and green areas by 2024, according to Euronews.

France has introduced a four-year plan to reduce the number of smokers, including restrictive measures and the creation of designated smoking areas. In addition to the ban on cigarettes in public places, the country has announced increased cigarette prices.

The authorities have not disclosed details regarding how the ban will be enforced or whether penalties will be imposed on violators.

The country already has over 7,000 smoke-free zones designated by local councils. These include areas such as forests in southern France, regularly affected by wildfires.

The Spanish parliament passed a law allowing local authorities to ban smoking cigarettes on beaches and impose fines of up to €2000 on offenders.

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