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Emirates toys Fly with Me

Emirates Launches New Toys for Young Travellers

Emirates has released its newest range of toys, the Fly with Me Animals for infants and toddlers and specially designed Fly with Me Lonely Planet activity bags for those aged between six and 12 years old.  The Emirates Toys are now available on board, ahead of the upcoming holiday season.

Emirates’ Fly with Me Animals is a new take on its signature kid’s products, replacing the popular Fly with Me Monsters. Emirates Toys are designed for infants and children up to eight years old and are meant to be both entertaining and educational. Each character represents a specific region and will help children learn more about its habitat.

The first four animals to make their debut on board are: Lewis the Lion from Africa, Peek U the Panda from China, Enrico the Monkey from Latin America, and Leila the Camel from the Middle East. Four new Fly with Me Animals will be introduced every six months.

The animals will be featured across three product lines: the Travel Buddy which comes with a plastic toggle allowing the toy to be hung in the car, on a pram or in the cot; the Carry Buddy, a dual purpose toy and blanket; as well as the Magnetic Sketcher for young ones to express themselves creatively.

The Fly With Me magazine on board has also been revamped to feature the animals. The activity-filled publication is produced exclusively for Emirates’ young flyers.

“Over 4 million children travel with us each year, which makes young travellers among our most important customers. We know how challenging it can be for parents to keep their children occupied and happy on flights. We’ve ensured that every aspect of the travel experience is catered for, from toys and kids’ entertainment to special meals on board, and even family check-in areas. We are committed to ensuring a smooth travel experience for families,” said Adel Al Redha, Emirates’ Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer.

In addition to the Fly with Me Animals, Emirates has partnered with Lonely Planet to create activity bags containing travel content tailored for children. The Fly with Me Lonely Planet products come in four variations – two specially designed Kid’s Retro-Style Rucksacks, and two Kid’s Cool Bags. These products will be refreshed every 12 months.

Each bag features different content to encourage a sense of adventure in young travellers. These include fold-out world maps, travel journals, plastic drink bottles, cards with world facts and various educational books exclusive to Emirates.

Families can look forward to even more enhancements by the end of the year. This includes a new range of kid’s greeting cards to celebrate special occasions on board, and refreshed photo cards for cabin crew to capture special moments with an instant Polaroid camera.

Mealtimes on board have also been given extra attention. The special meals offered to children aged between two and 12 years old will be served on newly designed meal trays featuring the iconic Emirates cabin crew and pilots.

Children travelling on Emirates will be kept occupied with its award-winning inflight entertainment system, ice Digital Widescreen, which features over 25 dedicated kids TV channels and over 40 classic Disney movies. They will be given specially designed smaller headphones that are comfortable and colourful with great sound quality.

On the ground, Emirates continues its exceptional family offering including a dedicated family check-in area in Dubai and priority boarding for families across all airports. In Emirates lounges across the network, the Fly with Me Animals will also be featured in two other unique product lines. The Cuddle Buddy, a soft comfort blanket for infants, and Fly with Me Animal Tin Cases with magnets and activity sheets for toddlers. Unique Fly with Me Lonely Planet cases will also be given out to older children. These toys and activity kits are in addition to the dedicated kids play area which feature arcade quality games and playstation terminals in both First Class and Business Class lounges in Dubai.

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