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Turbulent Flight

Emirates Joins IATA Turbulence Aware Platform, Integrates with Lido mPilot

Emirates has become a member of the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Turbulence Aware Platform, marking a significant step towards enhancing flight safety and efficiency. The airline will be the first to integrate this IATA platform within the latest version of Lido mPilot, Lufthansa Systems’ mobile navigation solution.

This integration brings together a wealth of data and cutting-edge technologies to provide pilots with real-time, highly accurate turbulence information and forecasts. This information equips pilots to plot the best paths around turbulence-affected areas, enhancing safety, improving navigation, and optimizing flight plans.

Emirates has equipped more than 140 aircraft with the necessary onboard software to automatically share turbulence reports with the IATA platform. This initiative includes all new aircraft joining the Emirates fleet over the next few years, such as the Airbus A350, Boeing 777-9, 777-8, and B787, all of which will participate in the program. IATA’s Turbulence Aware Platform is a global resource providing real-time, detailed, and objective information to help pilots and aviation professionals manage and mitigate the impact of turbulence on operations. Turbulence is a leading cause of passenger and crew injuries and contributes to higher fuel usage.

The platform collects anonymized turbulence data from thousands of flights worldwide. This data enables pilots and dispatchers to select optimal flight paths, avoid turbulence, and fly at peak efficiency, ultimately reducing carbon emissions. To date, Turbulence Aware has contributed to safer flights for over 700 million passengers, a number set to increase as more airlines join the program.

Lido mPilot, an all-in-one mobile navigational charting application from Lufthansa Systems, has been tailored to Emirates’ specific operational needs. It provides pilots with easy access to terminal charts, dynamically generated enroute maps, and an Airport Moving Map (AMM). Its data-driven, interactive maps and up-to-date weather features relevant to each flight ensure enhanced situational awareness and provide pilots with the most pertinent information.

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