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Domodedovo Airport

Domodedovo Airport Switches to Plastic Utensils Due to the Threat of Terrorist Attacks

Restaurants operated by “Rosinter Restaurants Holding” (managing chains such as “Il Patio,” “Planeta Sushi,” and others) at Domodedovo Airport have temporarily replaced metal forks and knives with plastic ones for the holiday season. This information comes from RIA Novosti, citing data from the company.

“Yes, indeed, at Domodedovo, utensils have been replaced with plastic ones for the holiday period,” a company representative confirmed, adding that “this is not the case at other airports at the moment.”

Earlier, several Telegram channels reported that metal forks and knives had disappeared from cafes and business lounges in Russian airports, and soon, all Russian airlines would remove metal cutlery from airplanes due to the threat of terrorist attacks in air transportation.

Aeroflot has also replaced metal forks and knives with plastic ones on Moscow – Seychelles flights. Aeroflot has announced restrictions on food provision for flights from Moscow to the Seychelles and vice versa due to sanctions. Business class passengers on Aeroflot flights will no longer be offered soups and salads, and on flight SU245, menu cards will not be provided. For comfort, meals will be loaded in lunch boxes, and metal utensils will be replaced with plastic ones.

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