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Condor Connects Germany and China

Inaugural flight to Xian (XIY): On 19 December, the first Condor passenger flight took off from Frankfurt to Xian, the capital of Shaanxi province. Going forward, Condor will serve the 13-million-metropolis every Saturday. Condor is thus not only launching regular passenger flights to China, but is also the only airline to directly connect the metropolis of Xian with Frankfurt. With its partner airline China Eastern, Condor also connects many other destinations within China, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Ghuangzhou. Tickets for flights as of 2 January 2021 can be booked at www.condor.com, by telephone and at travel agencies.

Xian is the oldest prefecture capital and one of the Chinese Four Great Ancient Capitals. Today, it still impresses with the Terracotta Army of the first Emperor of China, as starting point of the ancient Silk Road, with the holy mountain Hua Shan and many other historical and unique sights. The metropolis is also of great economic importance. Condor already knows Xian very well: In spring, Condor brought urgently needed medical protection materials from the Xian region to Europe and is now building on this experience with regular passenger flights. These flights will be distributed in China by Condor’s partner DreamAir.

Travellers are requested carefully check the current entry regulations of China and have all requested documents in place.

Germany’s most popular leisure airline is once again flying to the Dominican Republic and the Maldives: From 18 December 2020, Condor will take off from Frankfurt three times a week to Punta Cana and once a week to Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo. 

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