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Starlink Wi-Fi

9 Cruise Lines That Offer Starlink Wi-Fi and 9 Cruise Lines That Offer Free Wi-Fi

In recent years, internet speed on cruise ships has improved dramatically, enabling passengers to stream services from the comfort of their cabins—this connectivity leap results from new satellite systems and substantial investments in onboard technology.

In recent years, cruise lines adopted Starlink’s high-speed internet connectivity. This ensures that passengers can enjoy reliable and fast internet access no matter where they are at sea.

What cruise lines have Starlink Wi-Fi and Internet?

Royal Caribbean Starlink Wi-Fi and Internet

Royal Caribbean VOOM, the fastest internet at sea, is now available on every Royal Caribbean ship. With internet speeds six times faster than any other cruise ship globally, the onboard WiFi experience redefines connectivity for passengers like never before.

With internet speeds six times faster than any other cruise ship globally, the onboard WiFi experience redefines connectivity for passengers like never before.

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Celebrity Cruises Starlink Wi-Fi and Internet

Guests can choose between Basic and Premium Wi-Fi packages, available for both daily and cruise-long durations. Prices for these packages are discounted when purchased before sailing. The Basic Wi-Fi package is included with the All Included pricing plan, which also features the line’s Classic beverage package, offering guests an all-encompassing experience.

Guests staying in suites at The Retreat are treated to Premium Wi-Fi at no additional cost, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout their voyage.

For all other guests, Premium Wi-Fi is available as part of the Premium Access package, which also includes a selection of onboard amenities such as unlimited room service. This package can be purchased separately to enhance the onboard experience with premium connectivity and added conveniences.

Lindblad Expeditions Starlink Wi-Fi and Internet

Lindblad Expeditions has three new internet packages. These packages will offer different tiers of service. The “Basic” tier provides free messaging through apps such as iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, email services, and limited access to social media. The “Enhanced” tier supports general web browsing, social media usage, and video calls on platforms like Zoom and FaceTime. Lastly, the “Premium” tier offers unrestricted access to the web, social media, and streaming services.

Princess Cruises Starlink Wi-Fi and Internet

Princess Cruises’ MedallionNet offers a package sold by the day or for the entire voyage. MedallionNet Wi-Fi sets the industry standard for internet at sea, and it’s now even better with Starlink access and 5G. Choose from one-device or four-device packages starting from just $24.99. Packages are available with additional savings as part of our Princess Plus and Princess Premier Packages. They can also be purchased pre-cruise and onboard through the Princess® Cruises App. Platinum and Elite guests get an exclusive discount of 50% off.

Costa Cruises Starlink Wi-Fi and Internet

Each Costa ship is now equipped with the innovative fast broadband connection Starlink by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Costa offers three Wi-Fi plans. The WhatsApp plan is the perfect package if you’d like to only stay in touch with friends and relatives, sharing photos, videos, and voice messages. Social Media is for those who can’t renounce to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok) and WhatsApp. The Full – is the most complete package of all with unlimited access to the internet, email, social media, and all mobile apps.

Seabourn Starlink Wi-Fi and Internet

Seabourn’s two purpose-built expedition ships, Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit, are equipped with next-generation Wi-Fi connectivity with SpaceX’s Starlink. Seabourn’s expedition ships offer the best available Wi-Fi experience, allowing guests to stay connected with loved ones as they explore some of the most interesting and remote destinations in the world.

Royal Caribbean also offers a slower-speed version of Voom that can’t support streaming for $19.99 per day for one device.

Cunard Wi-Fi and Internet

Cunard Queens are fully equipped with SpaceX’s Starlink technology.

Cunard offers 2 Wi-Fi plans. The Essential plan provides access to web browsing, email, and social media for US$18 per day if purchased for the whole voyage. Alternatively, you can purchase short-term access on board for US$24 per 24 hours.

The Premium plan adds the ability to stream content for US$24 per day if purchased for the whole voyage. Alternatively, you can purchase short-term access on board for $36 per 24 hours.

The line offers discounts for multi-device plans and on voyages of 16 nights or more.

Fred Olsen Wi-Fi and Internet

Fred Olsen offers a new fast Starlink maritime service you’ll be able to connect to the internet via your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other devices to send email, keep up-to-date with the latest news, and share your holiday experiences on social media as you cruise. Fred Olsen’s internet package price starts from £12 per day, streaming is not included.

Carnival Wi-Fi and Internet

At the entry-level, Carnival provides a Social Wi-Fi plan for just $15.30 per day ($18 when purchased onboard). This plan grants access to key social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and messaging services like WhatsApp, allowing passengers to stay connected with friends and family while at sea.

For slightly more comprehensive connectivity, the Value Wi-Fi plan is available at $19.55 per day when purchased in advance ($23 per day when bought onboard). In addition to social media and messaging services, this plan includes access to email and most websites, offering greater flexibility for communication and internet browsing.

Carnival’s top-tier offering is the Premium Wi-Fi plan, priced at $21.25 per day when bought in advance ($25 when purchased onboard). This plan not only triples the speed of the Value plan but also provides access to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calling on messaging apps and Skype (excluding FaceTime). Notably, Wi-Fi calls may still be possible from an iPhone or via WhatsApp even with the less expensive plans. Passengers who opt to purchase a Carnival Cruise Wi-Fi plan in advance of sailing are eligible for a 15% discount, incentivizing pre-planning and ensuring seamless connectivity throughout their voyage.

Cruise Lines That Offer Different Tech

Azamara Wi-Fi and Internet

Azamara offers Wi-Fi in packages of 60 minutes, 24 hours ($19.95 per day), or a full-cruise unlimited package.

Disney Cruise Line Wi-Fi and Internet

Disney Cruise Line offers multiple internet packages based on your online needs.

All three plans have no video streaming capabilities. The Stay Connected package allows access to popular non-video social media channels. The Basic plan adds web browsing, email and Wi-Fi voice calling. The Premium plan adds video calling and video channels like TikTok, as well as music streaming.

Passengers in Concierge staterooms and one-bedroom suites receive Basic Surf Wi-Fi at no charge; Royal Suites receive complimentary Premium Surf Wi-Fi.

Holland America Line Wi-Fi and Internet

Holland America has 3 Wi-Fi packages on offer. The lowest, Surf, is not available for purchase. It comes bundled with the Have It All fare package. Users have access to email, news apps and messaging apps, minus their audio and video features.

Wi-Fi plans available for purchase are Premium and stream. Premium plan offers full Internet connectivity other than video streaming for $34,99 per day. To stream video, the stream plan is available at $45.99 per day. The cruise line offers discounts for longer trips.

MSC Cruises Wi-Fi and Internet

Wi-Fi is available on personal devices in all cabins and common areas with the purchase of a package.

Norwegian Cruises Wi-Fi and Internet

Norwegian offers passengers two internet packages. The Unlimited Wi-Fi plan includes unlimited access to websites, email, social media, and all apps. The Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi package adds VPN access and streaming.

Windstar Cruises Wi-Fi and Internet

Windstar offers three options and an all-inclusive bundle. The Email Plan is $60. This plan gives you 200 MB of data to use during your cruise. This plan is recommended for people who will be checking email and doing very limited browsing. The estimated minutes range from 15 to 60.

The Surfing Plan for $120 gives you 500 MB of data to use for additional browsing and small file transfers (such as posting pictures to a social media site). The estimated minutes range from 90 to 360 (approximately 5 hours). The Ultimate Plan gives you unlimited internet access. Unlimited Internet Package: from $245 for 7 days.

What Cruise Lines Offer Free Wi-Fi?

American Cruise Lines offers new high-speed Starlink Wi-Fi on a complimentary basis.

Crystal Cruises Wi-Fi is free for all guests.

Oceania Cruises offers two free logins per suite or stateroom. Regent provides one complimentary login per suite that is limited to one device at a time.

Internet aboard all Viking Ocean ships is also free.

Each Virgin Voyages guest may connect two devices at once to the basic complimentary plan. An entertainment plan is available to buy for streaming.

All boats in the CroisiEurope‘s European fleet are equipped with free Wi-Fi for passengers. This internet connection is available in all lounges/bars and boat receptions. Wi-Fi available on all boats is free. For passengers who do not have computer equipment, we have equipped each boat (except those on the Volga, Mekong, Africa, and Peru) with a touchpad that can be lent to them when needed.

Paul Gauguin Cruises and Hurtigruten offer complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the ships.

Select Uniworld ships offer complimentary Wi-Fi access.

With new technology available, passengers can look forward to an unparalleled internet experience that rivals the connectivity options available on land. Whether sharing memorable moments with friends and family, staying updated on news and events, or simply enjoying the convenience of high-speed internet access, guests can expect nothing less than exceptional connectivity while cruising.

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