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Uber Shuttle

Uber to Launch Uber Shuttle Service in the U.S. This Summer

Uber announced today the upcoming launch of its Uber Shuttle service in the United States this summer. Initially introduced in Egypt and India, Uber Shuttle aims to provide convenient and affordable transportation to events and airports.

Although Uber did not specify which U.S. airports will feature the shuttle service, the company stated it is collaborating with airport partners and local officials nationwide to implement the service.

“We are working with airport partners and local officials across the U.S. and beyond to bring convenient and affordable airport shuttle service to riders,” an Uber representative said during the announcement.

Once the service is available, users will see a ‘Shuttle’ option in the Uber app. Customers can book up to five seats from seven days in advance to just five minutes before the shuttle’s scheduled departure. Payments and real-time tracking will be available within 25 minutes of departure through the app.

Riders will know their fare upfront, with prices unaffected by surge pricing. Upon shuttle arrival, riders will validate their QR-code ticket with the driver. Additionally, they can rate and tip drivers through the app, maintaining the familiar Uber experience.

Uber also hinted at expanding Uber Shuttle to its Uber for Business (U4B) clients. Since 2021, Uber has operated shuttle routes for employees in its Mission Bay office in San Francisco and for employees in Seattle and Bangalore, India. Recently, Uber began offering shuttle services to U4B clients in select international markets and sees “definite potential” for extending this service to more U4B clients in the U.S.

With its entry into the U.S. market, Uber Shuttle aims to redefine group travel by combining convenience, affordability, and technology, making transportation to key locations smoother and more efficient for riders.

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