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British Airways New Uniform

British Airways Faces Backlash Over Female Cabin Crew Undergarment Policy

British Airways’ recent uniform redesign by Oswald Boateng has stirred up controversy once again, this time extending beyond the attire to the female cabin crew undergarments. The airline found itself amid criticism as it defended a new provision regarding the acceptable undergarments for female crew members.

According to reports, the updated policy specifies that female cabin crew are allowed to wear only white bras due to the perceived transparency of the new designer shirts. The restriction goes beyond color and extends to lace and patterns as well.

This news sparked a negative reaction from the BASSA union, with a spokesperson stating, “It’s unbelievable that we find ourselves in the awkward position of discussing what underwear is acceptable for cabin crew in 2023.”

Facing the backlash, the airline’s management backtracked, stating that the provision was merely a “recommendation,” and emphasized that British Airways is always open to hearing the opinions of its employees.

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