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Checkpoint Charlie

Berlin to Turn Checkpoint Charlie Into a Public Square

Berlin authorities announced the start of public discussion for the redevelopment of Checkpoint Charlie. The site is one of the most famous locations of the Berlin Wall and is of huge symbolic importance to Berlin, Germany, the former Eastern Bloc and the rest of Europe.

In 2018, local authorities in the German capital launched a project for redeveloping the area around Checkpoint Charlie into a public space and square, dedicated to remembrance. According to a statement by the city, doing that would help preserve its historical significance and allow both locals and visitors to appreciate its importance.

Now, as the project is moving forward, local authorities want to launch public consultation sessions and discuss the future of the site with Berliners. The sessions are set for 4 October, 10 November and 23 January.

The city has also said that it wants to redevelop it as a sort of town square, taking into account the traffic, storefront and gathering space, as well as adjacent properties.

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