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Flagship Suite Preferred

American Airlines Reveals Flagship Suite Preferred

American Airlines has revealed a range of premium onboard upgrades, featuring Flagship Suite Preferred seats positioned at the forefront of select Boeing 787-9s and Boeing 777-300ERs. Although these new suites are not classified as a first-class offering, they will represent a significant upgrade from the standard cabin experience.

For Boeing 787s and Airbus A321XLRs, the new interiors will debut on newly delivered aircraft. Additionally, American Airlines plans to retrofit its existing fleet of 20 Boeing 777-300s, which will involve the removal of the eight-seat first-class cabins. In these retrofitted aircraft, Flagship Suite Preferred seats will occupy the first row, with standard Flagship Suites installed throughout the rest of the cabin.

All of the new suites will boast several enhancements, including a sliding door for increased privacy, the option for chaise lounge seating, and expanded personal storage space compared to existing American Airlines business-class products. These upgrades aim to elevate the inflight experience for passengers, offering greater comfort and convenience during their journey.

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