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Airbnb Implements Machine Learning to Promote Responsible Stays During Summer Holidays

As travelers embark on long holiday weekends this summer, Airbnb is utilizing machine learning technology across the US for Memorial Day and Fourth of July to ensure responsible stays. This technology aims to prevent disruptive parties by blocking certain bookings over these holidays. Last year, these measures deterred approximately 67,500 people from booking entire home listings across both weekends.

Airbnb bans disruptive parties, with incidents being rare—only 0.035% of global reservations resulted in a party report in 2023. The company is committed to minimizing isolated issues and helping hosts foster positive experiences in their homes and local neighborhoods.

For Memorial Day and Fourth of July, Airbnb’s system will identify and block higher-risk one-night and two-night bookings of entire home listings. The system evaluates factors such as the type of listing, stay duration, booking distance from the guest’s location, and last-minute reservations, among other signals. These measures will be in effect across the US, including Puerto Rico:

  • Restrictions on one-night and two-night bookings: Heightened restrictions on bookings identified as higher-risk for disruptive parties.
  • Anti-party attestation: Guests who can book local reservations must attest to understanding Airbnb’s party ban, with potential suspension or removal for violations.

Guests prevented from booking entire homes will have the option to book private rooms or hotel rooms on Airbnb, where hosts are more likely to be onsite. This holiday-specific system complements Airbnb’s year-round global reservation screening technology, which has blocked or redirected over 860,000 guests since its launch in May 2023.

These measures support Airbnb’s global ban on disruptive parties, introduced in 2020, which has led to a 50% decrease in party reports. Additional resources to support hosts, guests, and local communities include:

  • Neighborhood Support Line: Allows local communities to report urgent issues directly to Airbnb.
  • 24-hour Safety Line: Provides direct access to Airbnb’s Safety team for hosts and guests.
  • Free noise sensor for hosts: Helps anticipate issues while respecting guest privacy.
  • Support for law enforcement: A dedicated channel and specialized response team for incidents involving Airbnb listings or stays.

Through these initiatives, Airbnb aims to promote responsible travel and hosting, ensuring a positive experience for everyone involved.

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