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Airbnb Acquires AI Company GamePlanner.AI

Airbnb has successfully acquired GamePlanner.AI, a stealth AI company led by industry veterans Adam Cheyer and Siamak Hodjat. This strategic move aligns with Airbnb’s commitment to harnessing AI to facilitate human connections, combining the expertise of GamePlanner.AI in AI, design, and community dynamics.

GamePlanner.AI stands out for its unique blend of AI capabilities, emphasizing positive augmentation of humanity through technology. Airbnb, known for its human-centric approach in the tech industry, envisions collaborating with Adam Cheyer and his team to develop cutting-edge interfaces and practical AI applications.

While Airbnb has already incorporated AI across its services, including extensive use of language models, computer vision, and machine learning, the addition of Adam and Siamak’s team aims to accelerate specific AI projects and seamlessly integrate their tools into the Airbnb platform.

Adam Cheyer, a co-founder of Siri (acquired by Apple) and later Viv Labs (acquired by Samsung), brings a wealth of experience in AI and has been influential in the development of voice assistants like Bixby. Siamak Hodjat, with a background in leading the natural language processing team for Siri and playing a key role in Viv Labs at Samsung, complements the team’s expertise.

Airbnb’s CEO and co-founder, Brian Chesky, expressed optimism about the collaboration, stating, “Airbnb is one of the more humanistic companies in technology, and I believe that, together with Adam and his team, we can develop some of the best interfaces and practical applications for AI.”

Adam Cheyer echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the shared commitment to using AI to enable human connection. He believes that great design and community-based intelligence are essential for unlocking the full potential of AI, aligning with Airbnb’s understanding of the transformative power of these elements.

This acquisition positions Airbnb to leverage GamePlanner.AI’s capabilities to further enhance user experiences, foster human connections, and propel the development of innovative AI applications within the Airbnb ecosystem.

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