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Library of St Paul’s Cathedral

Hidden Library of St Paul’s Cathedral Now on Airbnb

Airbnb is inviting bookworms on the ultimate literary escape: an overnight stay in the Hidden Library of St Paul’s Cathedral – hosted by Abby Parker of BookTok’s @abbysbooks. Tucked away in one of London’s most iconic landmarks, the Hidden Library allows guests to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of literature – exclusively listed on Airbnb. It will also be the first time that someone has officially slept inside the Cathedral since the St Paul’s Watch protected the building during World War II.

Boasting an especially curated collection of over 22,000 books – ranging from timeless classics to Penguin Random House US’s upcoming releases from Holly Jackson, Kevin Kwan and John Grisham2 – guests can cosy up and let the magic of words transport them to another realm.

About the stay

Guests will enter St Paul’s Cathedral through the Dean’s door and climb the famous Geometric Staircase, designed by English architect Sir Christopher Wren over three hundred years ago. At the top of the staircase guests will enter the doors to unwind in the charming and enrapturing library space. Guests will bask in the literary paradise, before being greeted by the Dean of St Paul’s and receiving a tour of the Cathedral. Guests will then be given the exclusive opportunity to lose track of time in the pages of Holly Jackson’s The Reappearance of Rachel Price, John Grisham’s Camino Ghosts, and Kevin Kwan’s Lies and Weddings before they hit the shelves.

Library of St Paul’s Cathedral

To kick off the evening, guests will enjoy a delectable dinner at a nearby restaurant, before returning to the Hidden Library and settling in for a night of beautiful bookish dreams; well read and ready for bed. Waking up refreshed, guests will be treated to breakfast, providing much-needed fuel before they take on the challenge of climbing the breathtaking dome of St Paul’s Cathedral to finish off their magical stay. Taking a lasting memory of the experience home with them to remember forever, guests will be gifted signed and stamped copies of the upcoming Penguin Random House US unreleased books.

About Hidden Library of St Paul’s Cathedral

Guests will stay in the bedroom section of the Hidden Library and will have access to the reading room, the nooks and the library of St Paul’s Cathedral. The stay at the Hidden Library of St Paul’s Cathedral will be available to book for two adults for £7 (just under $9 USD). Please note that there are toilet facilities available nearby.

Hidden Library Etiquette

  • Bookworms only
  • No munching or sipping in the library – so the precious books remain crumb-free
  • Always walk, never run
  • Speak to others quietly
  • Return books to their cosy home after reading
  • Phone usage is permitted when creating #BookTok content
  • Always read the book before watching the film
  • #NoSpoilers

How to book

The exclusive stay in London’s iconic landmark will be available for one night on Friday 15th March.3 Guests can request to book this stay on 12 March 2024 at 10am GMT at airbnb.com/hiddenlibrary. The stay is suitable for two adults and will cost £7 for the night, with breakfast and dinner included.

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