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Airbnb to Promote Ukraine as a Tourist Destination

Today marked a historic and significant event as a joint memorandum was signed, heralding a remarkable development for Ukraine. While Airbnb is renowned worldwide as one of the largest platforms for booking accommodations and seeking unforgettable travel experiences, not everyone is aware of the company’s unwavering support for Ukraine since the onset of the full-scale conflict.

Now, Airbnb is poised to play a pivotal role in Ukraine’s post-war tourism recovery.

This development is not only about tourism but also about the future of Crimea, as the Ukrainian Armed Forces are gradually reclaiming it. Once safety is restored and air travel resumes, Ukraine is projected to become one of Europe’s leading tourist destinations, especially for countries that have supported our struggle for independence.

Airbnb has expressed its readiness to become a steadfast partner, actively promoting Ukraine’s appeal to millions of its users worldwide. Additionally, the company has pledged to share valuable data from its platform to further boost Ukraine’s tourism industry. A significant step in this direction has already been taken, with the Lviv Tourism Office now receiving data from Airbnb’s platform.

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