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Air Arabia, Fly Dubai and Emirates Accept Visa and Mastercard Cards from Russians

Against the background of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, foreign airlines Air Arabia and Fly Dubai have set up payment using Visa and Mastercard cards issued in Russia.

Transactions are carried out using the fast payment system.

Air Arabia offers the option of payment via a fast payment system via the link. In advance, you need to make a reservation on the website, contact the support service and receive a link to the mail for the operation.

Fly Dubai offers a similar scheme, but transactions will go through an authorized agent. It will be necessary to make a reservation and contact the support service using the link. The agent’s fee will be 2 thousand rubles. Fly Dubai offers payment with a Russian Visa or Mastercard card.

Emirates offers to make a payment by QR code. To do this, you need to request details by e-mail from the Moscow office of the airline and book a ticket through the support service. After that, scan the code in the banking application, enter the total amount and reservation number. It may take several days to confirm the purchase. The airline recommends performing the operation at least ten days before departure. When booking through the contact center, a commission of 1.5 thousand is charged.

After the departure of Visa and MasterCard from Russia, their cards, issued in the Russian Federation, stopped being accepted abroad.

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