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Emergency Landing

Aeroflot to Pay Compensation to All Passengers of Flight SU1492

Aeroflot will pay compensation to all passengers and to the families of those who lost their lives on flight SU1492 Moscow-Murmansk. Payments will start on 7 May 2019.

Passengers of flight SU1492 who did not require hospitalisation will receive RUB 1 million. Those who sought medical assistance following the incident on 5 May 2019 will receive RUB 2 million.

Applications for compensation can be made at Aeroflot’s offices in Murmansk and Moscow.

Relatives of passengers who lost their lives will receive RUB 5 million per family member.

To receive compensation relatives can call 8(800)333-0-999.

This compensation will be paid by Aeroflot on top of standard insurance payments provided for by Federal Law No. 67 (dated 18.12.2018).

The hotline for relatives of passengers on flight SU1492: +7-495-663-6394

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