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Aeroflot to Increase Frequency of Flights to Antalya

Aeroflot plans to increase the frequency of flights to Antalya closer to the summer season. Now the air carrier operates one flight a day on narrow-body Boeing-737 or Airbus A320 in this direction. Since the beginning of the summer schedule – from March 26 – two daytime flights have already been planned.

Starting from April 22, one of the two flights will use the wide-body Airbus A330, and from April 28 and during the May holidays there will be 4 flights a day, and three of them will be on the spacious Airbus A330 or Boeing-777. In the schedule for May and subsequent months, 5 (in some cases – 6) daily flights to Antalya from Moscow on large-capacity aircraft are announced.

Aeroflot plans to fly to Antalya with this frequency until October 28.

Aeroflot plans up to 25 direct flights per day from Moscow to Antalya. 

Turkish low-cost airline Tailwind Airlines will start flying from Istanbul to Moscow on March 24. 

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