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Aeroflot Sells the Soviet Legacy

Aeroflot is trying to sell the Soviet legacy – foreign real estate with a market value of almost €8 million.

Aeroflot in Soviet times bought or leased offices, buildings and apartments for crews, representatives and their families in the most prestigious locations in European capitals for propaganda purposes.

The company stopped flying to Europe, as the EU countries closed their skies to Russian carriers. Already in autumn, Aeroflot put up for sale its real estate in six European countries: Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Hungary and Cyprus. A total of 11 properties with a total market value of €7.42 million. Aeroflot also puts up for sale real 127 sq.m appartment in Casablanca.

The most expensive property for sale is in Larnaca. This is a three-storey residential building with a land plot and 24 apartments with a market value of €2 million.

The largest object is a three-story building in Budapest with an area of 5.4 thousand square meters. It has 15 apartments, 38 hotel rooms, seven car boxes, a gym and conference rooms.

The rest of the property for sale is represented by apartments: seven three-room and one two-room. Three of them are in Stockholm (for €1.2 million), two each in Oslo (€1.8 million) and Copenhagen (€1.2 million), in Brussels (€269,000) and office space 176 sq. meters for €463 thousand in Budapest.

Previously, Aeroflot had already sold off the Soviet legacy, like some real estate in Montreaal, Panama, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Madrid, Nicosia. 

Basically, objects were sold in cities where Aeroflot did not fly and did not plan to launch flights.

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