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Sheremetyevo Airport

Sheremetyevo Airport Contaminates Moscow Water Body with De-icing Fluid

Sheremetyevo Airport has once again postponed the reconstruction deadlines for the purification facilities, through which de-icing fluid drains and contaminates water bodies.

In winter 2016, residents of the residential complex, located near Sheremetyevo Airport, noticed that the water in the creek did not freeze even in severe frosts, dead fish and waterfowl were found in the reservoir, and an unpleasant odor emanated from the creek.

They turned to the Service for Supervision of Natural Resources, whose specialists conducted water tests. The results of the expertise concluded that the cause of the odor was the penetration of de-icing fluid used during the winter for aircraft de-icing into the stormwater drainage system of Sheremetyevo Airport and further into Voskresensky Creek and the Klyazma River.

As early as 2011, information emerged that construction and commissioning of purification facilities intended to treat surface wastewater were underway at the airport. However, for some reason, the completion of construction was delayed. In 2017, Sheremetyevo representatives announced that new facilities would be commissioned by the end of the year. Then the deadlines were postponed to coincide with the completion of the new runway. In 2018, the Service for Supervision of Natural Resources fined the airport ₽2 million (21000$) for polluting the Klyazma River. In July 2019, the agency issued another fine of ₽90 thousand.

Attempts were made from 2017 to 2019 to implement the reconstruction project of the purification facilities at the expense of the federal budget. However, due to the pandemic, the reconstruction deadlines were first postponed to 2022. Then changes were made to environmental legislation, and the deadlines were shifted to 2023. To address pollution issues, Sheremetyevo began using temporary purification facilities. Nevertheless, residents of the residential complex continue to write complaints to the president that the pungent odor persists, especially at night, causing coughing, headaches, nausea, and allergic reactions in children.

Just over a week ago, it became known that the reconstruction deadlines were shifted again, with planned completion in 2025-2029. At the moment, the airport operator has signed a contract with a subcontractor for the adjustment of project documentation.

Source: telegram channel Aviatorshina

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