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Aeroflot Launches E-Voucher System

Aeroflot has launched its e-voucher scheme as an additional tool for ticket returns. Testing of the system started on 26 May 2020 on the Company’s website and has proven successful.

Passengers can apply for an e-voucher as compensation for unused tickets and additional services purchased before 1 May 2020.

E-vouchers are issued individually to each passenger at no cost. To apply for an e-voucher a passenger must provide the number of the unused ticket, names and surnames of passengers listed in the ticket, and a mobile phone number and email address.

Passengers can apply for e-vouchers until 31 December 2020. E-vouchers are valid for three years and can be redeemed against any number of tickets and services starting from 1 June 2020 when booking via Aeroflot’s contact centre and from 15 June 2020 on the airline’s website. E-vouchers can only be used by passengers named on the original unused ticket.

E-vouchers can be used to book tickets for flights under the SU code operated by Aeroflot and its subsidiaries Rossiya and Aurora airlines. If the nominal value of an e-voucher is less than that of the new ticket, passengers will have to cover the difference.

For tickets booked with Aeroflot Bonus miles, an e-voucher can be redeemed against the total value of taxes and fees. Unused miles will be returned.

Aeroflot is also offering additional benefits to passengers using e-vouchers to book tickets.

Passengers holding tickets for cancelled flights will automatically be given a one-time 15% discount on the cost of a ticket of the same fare for their new flight. For passengers holding Flex fare class tickets, the one-time discount will be 25%.

Discounts are non-transferable and non-combinable, except for those applicable to children under the age of 12.

The offer applies to tickets purchased before 1 May 2020:

– for travel to/from China (including Hong Kong) from 18 February inclusive;
– for travel to/from other international destinations from 5 March inclusive;
– for travel on domestic routes from 18 March inclusive.

Tickets purchased from 1 May will be eligible for Aeroflot’s standard rules on refunds and returns.

For tickets purchased after 1 May 2020 standard refund rules apply.

Aeroflot has introduced changes to its service procedures. These changes are being temporary introduced to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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