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Aeroflot Extends Hand-baggage-only Fares to Medium-haul Routes

Aeroflot Group extends hand-baggage-only fares to medium-haul routes (some exceptions apply) operated by Aeroflot and its subsidiaries, Rossiya Airlines and Aurora.

Aeroflot aims to consistently improve its services to ensure it offers the best passenger experience. In April 2019, new hand-baggage-only fares were rolled out on select medium-haul routes operated by Rossiya Airlines and Aeroflot to destinations in Germany and Italy. Based on the results of this initiative, there has proved to be steady demand for this offering as a more budget-friendly economy option compared to baggage-inclusive fares.

“We’re committed to offering the best option for those who want to travel light and on a budget, and for those who want a premium flight experience”, said Andrei Chikhanchin, Aeroflot Deputy CEO for Commerce and Finance.

Economy class passengers can choose between a far inclusive of a checked bag (up to 23 kg and the sum of 3 dimensions not exceeding 158 cm) or a carry on-only fare, so that they do not pay for a service they do not need. With the roll-out of this offering, Aeroflot, as a premium carrier traditionally providing superior comfort, makes flying even more affordable for its passengers. Hand-baggage-only fares are the best way to travel light and on a budget throughout Aeroflot Group’s extensive route network.

A discounted price for checked baggage applies if passengers pay in advance when booking or after purchasing the ticket on the company’s website, via the mobile app, in sales offices or through authorized agents. A discount for checked baggage also applies on the departure day, if the service is purchased through the website or the Aeroflot mobile app.

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