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Leo Express Announces Services for the Bratislava-Komárno Line

Leo Express will operate on the Bratislava-Dunajská Streda-Vel’ký Meder-Komárno line with the start of the new timetable on December 10, 2023. Leo Express took over the line from ZSSK and ÖBB. The company has already started selling tickets and has maintained the prices that customers are used to on the line, for example €5.25 between Bratislava and Komárno. Twenty-one units will be used, each with a capacity of almost 240 passengers, including 140 seats. Leo Express will provide almost 100 connections a day. At the same time, there will be a densification of connections and an increase in capacity during peak hours between Dunajská Streda, Kvetoslavov and Bratislava, where trains will run at intervals of up to 20 minutes during peak hours.

On the Bratislava – Komárno line, Leo Express now offers time tickets, which are the optimal option for regular commuters. They are ideal for those who travel several times a week for work, school or leisure.


Time tickets are available for 7, 30 and 90 days and there is also a limited edition ticket DanubePass, which allows to travel all year round for one euro per day. The time tickets are issued for a specific route and period and allow the holder to make unlimited train journeys on the purchased route, in any direction or section, for the entire validity period of the ticket. The tickets are intended exclusively for members of the Smile Club loyalty program and also entitle their holders to use the Leo Express Lounge at the Bratislava Main Railway Station.

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