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Russian River Cruise Operator Vodohod Plans Fleet Renovation Starting 2025


Russian river cruise operator “Vodohod” is gearing up for a gradual renewal of its cruise fleet post-2025, according to the company’s CEO, Rishat Bagautdinov. With an ambitious vision for the future, the company is considering the expansion of its fleet as it awaits the debut of its “Karelia” project vessel in 2025.

Renewal Plans

“Vodohod” has laid out its strategy for fleet modernization, with one “Karelia” project ship set to enter service in 2025, followed by two more in 2026. The success of the “Karelia” project will serve as a litmus test for the company’s future fleet expansion plans. If the vessel proves effective in various aspects, including technical and commercial viability, “Vodohod” intends to continue ordering at least one new ship annually, starting from 2025.

Vodohod Current Fleet Status

At present, the company operates two new cruise ships alongside 24 vessels that have exceeded 40 years in service. While the cruise oepator has invested in maintaining and modernizing these older vessels, their age necessitates a comprehensive renewal plan. The company is committed to gradually replacing all 24 aging ships, aiming to rejuvenate its entire cruise fleet.

Government Support

To facilitate this ambitious fleet renewal initiative, “Vodohod” is leveraging government programs dedicated to updating passenger vessels. These programs allocate targeted funds through leasing companies, making fleet modernization financially feasible.

Future Prospects

With its plans for fleet expansion and modernization, “Vodohod” is poised to offer travelers enhanced river cruise experiences in the coming years. The company’s commitment to delivering quality service and embracing innovation ensures that passengers can look forward to memorable journeys along Russia’s picturesque waterways.

As “Vodohod” continues to navigate the changing landscape of river cruises, it remains dedicated to providing passengers with exceptional travel experiences, blending tradition with innovation in the process.

Russian river cruise operator is not only a key player in Russian river cruises but also an exemplar of resilience and adaptability in the face of evolving industry demands. With its forward-looking approach and commitment to fleet renewal, the company is set to chart a course for exciting and rejuvenated river cruise experiences in Russia and beyond.

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