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Levashovo – New Airport Opened in St. Petersburg, Russia

Levashovo airport in St. Petersburg was officially opened on December 27, 2022. Gazprom is now engaged in the development of the air harbor.

The reconstruction of the Levashovo military airfield in the north of St. Petersburg began in October 2021, although plans for such work were announced earlier.

According to the investor’s plans, the capacity of the new one will be 250 people per hour. From there, international flights will be able to be carried out.

The passenger terminal is planned to be connected by road with the Ring Road, it is planned that it will be possible to get from the Gazprom headquarters in Lakhta Center to Levashovo in 10-15 minutes.

So far, we are talking about the fact that the airport will serve the needs of Gazprom itself. And at the end of 2022, St. Petersburg tourism specialists are still not sure that travelers even theoretically need a second airport as Pulkovo is currently underloaded.



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