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Ban on Smoking

Turin Introduces Smoking Ban Within Five Meters of Others

In the Italian city of Turin, a smoking ban has been implemented when other individuals are within a five-meter radius.

The fourth-largest city in Italy is tightening regulations for smokers: now, lighting a cigarette outdoors is prohibited if others are nearby within a five-meter distance.

Italy began its battle against smoking in public spaces over 20 years ago: since then, authorities have banned smoking in public-use buildings, offices, restaurants, bars, and hotels.

The new law in Turin allows individuals to seek permission from those nearby before smoking a cigarette. If granted, police will not have the authority to fine the smoker (with fines set at 100 euros). However, smoking is strictly prohibited in the presence of pregnant women and children.

Smoking bans in the EU

The French government has implemented a ban on smoking cigarettes on beaches, in parks, and certain public spaces. France has introduced a four-year plan to reduce the number of smokers, including restrictive measures and the creation of designated smoking areas. In addition to the ban on cigarettes in public places, the country has announced increased cigarette prices.

The EU Commission has recently identified Spain, Greece, Malta, Bulgaria, and Ireland as member states with the most restrictive smoking bans. 28 beaches of the three most popular resorts of the Balearic Islands (Spain) have banned smoking as well as beaches in Barcelona.

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