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Aeroflot and Russian Railways to Launch Air Rail Routes

Aeroflot and the Russian Railways have agreed to create a joint transportation program as part of SPIEF 2022.

It is assumed that the partnership in the future will give passengers the opportunity to book travel by air and rail within the same route and using a single itinerary receipt.

The combined transportation program will initially be implemented under the conditions of a temporary absence of direct flights to certain regions of southern Russia and will not only maintain but also increase passenger traffic to the largest domestic resorts.

The innovation is designed to simplify travel to the southern cities of Russia, with which air traffic has been suspended.

Due to purely infrastructural reasons, a full-fledged “seamless” multimodal transportation, as, for example, in Germany, will not work in Russia. The fact is that in Russia there are simply no railway stations integrated with airports, as, for example, in Germany or France, where, having arrived in Frankfurt am Main or Paris Charles de Gaulle, you can immediately, without leaving the territory airport, continue on the high-speed train.

Even in the largest Russian cities, from airports to railway stations and back, you need to get additional transport, which complicates the logistics for the traveler.

Finally, the number of planes and trains running on passenger lines (with the exception of Moscow-St. Petersburg) and their frequency leave little room for maneuver.

That is, missing the right flight in the realities of many Russian regions often means not “leaving in an hour” (as in Germany), but “waiting for the next three days”. And the Novy Urengoy-Anapa train, for example, departs once a season.

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