Europcar Creates a Nordic Regional Cluster

Europcar Mobility Group announces the creation of a Nordic Cluster across Europcar Mobility Group businesses in Denmark, Finland and Norway, which will be led by Stéphane Soille, appointed as its Managing Director. Stéphane Soille will be supported by a Country Head for each of the three markets, with a strong commercial focus: Christian Øien for Denmark, Kimmo Vainio for Finland and Bjørn Briskeby for Norway.

For Denmark, the business was acquired in April 2017, and since that time Christian Ree continued with the business to manage the transition from long-standing franchisee to a high-performing corporate country. Christian Ree has now left the Group to fully dedicate his time to his family businesses. The franchises of Finland and Norway were acquired by the Group in February 2019, from Jussi and Matti Holopainen. Both Jussi and Matti stayed with the business to manage the smooth transition into a corporate country, producing excellent results through the integration. Jussi and Matti Holopainen have also now left the Group to focus on their other business interests.

These three businesses hold strong positions in their respective national markets (N°1 in Denmark, N°1 in Finland and N°3 in Norway) with customer bases covering both leisure travelers and the corporate market.

Indeed, the customer experience has always been one of the key areas of performance of these businesses, especially for Denmark and Finland which hold the two highest customer satisfaction ratings across the Group, year after year (in 2020: Net Promoter Score of 67,1for Denmark and 70,4 for Finland).

The creation of a Nordic Cluster is part of the Group’s ongoing business transformation, and will allow the optimisation of business processes across the three countries -by leveraging best practices and mutualizing expertise locally –as well as accelerate the integration of the region into the Group. Building on the solidity of these businesses and the recognised customer focus of the local teams, the Group particularly intends to use this regional cluster as an innovation and launch platform for its new offers and new mobility services.

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