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Zleep Hotels long stay

Zleep Hotels Offers Long Time Stay Solution

The Danish hotel chain, Zleep Hotels, is launching a new long stay concept. The concept is a helping hand to households with elderly and chronically ill people, to whom the COVID-19 pandemic poses a major threat.
According to Zleep Hotels, more and more guests are asking for the opportunity to extend their stay:

“Guests have already called for the possibility of long stay solutions, as they do not wish to return home knowing that they may risk infecting the extra vulnerable in the household, which is why we are now launching a long stay offer, to help as many people as possible in this difficult time,” says Peter Haaber, CEO of Zleep Hotels, adding: “It’s a simple concept: Book a minimum of seven nights and get a great discount”.

Zleep Hotels’ long stay solution is already on the market. Like many other Danish companies, Zleep has also introduced several initiatives to reduce the risk of infection. Among other things, all rooms are given a 48 hours quarantine upon completion of each stay, the breakfast buffets are closed, and critical areas are continuously disinfected.

Zleep Hotels is a part of Deutsche Hospitality’s brand family. Zleep Hotels’ vision is to always deliver quality, service and design at a great rate. Today, the hotel brand consists of 11 hotels in Denmark and one in Sweden. A total of seven hotel projects are already published and in the pipeline, whereof two open in 2020 in Ørestad and Lyngby, both in Copenhagen. The goal is to operate 40 hotels in 2025.

The spread of Covid-19 and associated government travel restrictions have had a significant and negative impact on airline and cruise industry. Major hotel chains are yet to announce they are waiving cancellation fees.

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