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Windstar Cruises Eliminates Pre-Cruise COVID-19 Tests

Windstar Cruises has revised its COVID19 protocols and procedures and will no longer require a precruise COVID19 test for embarking guests (unless required by one of the countries on our current scheduled itineraries). These changes will go into effect for cruises departing on or after Sept. 6, 2022.

As part of its Beyond Ordinary Care health and safety program, Windstar will still require all guests to be fully vaccinated and show proof of COVID19 vaccination.

The exception to this new testing procedure is that Windstar must follow the local rules and regulations of all the countries it visits and currently Canada, Greece, Australia and New Zealand (subject to change) still require COVID19 pretesting prior to boarding any ship in their respective waters.

“Safety and wellness are our first concern, and these new procedures will simplify the process of sailing with us on a fully vaccinated ship,” said Chris Prelog, President of Windstar Cruises.

In summary:
1. All guests must be vaccinated and provide evidence of vaccination status prior to embarkation.
All Windstar crew are fully vaccinated and nearly all crew have received booster shots.

2. Precruise testing is no longer required in most countries

3. The updated guidelines are subject to the local regulations of applicable homeports and
destinations (presently that includes Canada, Greece, Australia and New Zealand on Windstar

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