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Vice Woman on Antalya-Moscow Flight Shocks Fellow Travelers

In a bizarre and disruptive incident on the Antalya-Moscow flight, a 29-year-old woman named Valeria earned the title of “Debauchery of the Year.” The incident took place on a Friday aboard a Pobeda Airlines flight heading to Vnukovo Airport.

Valeria’s unruly behavior began two hours into the flight when, in an intoxicated state, she started harassing fellow passengers and using foul language. Even the flight attendants who approached her fell victim to her offensive remarks, with Valeria physically restraining one of them by gripping his hand with her nails.

After releasing the crew member from her clutches, Valeria made her way to her seat near the emergency exit and proceeded to indulge in an electronic cigarette. In response to her actions, the aircraft’s commander issued her a verbal warning.

Valeria retaliated by shouting that she was already on Aeroflot’s blacklist. Her drunken antics continued as she demanded water from the flight attendants, eventually spilling it on the floor.

A period of silence ensued in the cabin, leading the crew to mistakenly believe Valeria had fallen asleep. Instead, she surprised everyone by removing the underwear of an unsuspecting male passenger seated next to her and engaging in oral activities. The young man offered no resistance; on the contrary, he reciprocated by getting involved, as reported by the Telegram channel “Aviatorshina”.

Once Valeria completed her unconventional activities, she resumed her offensive behavior, verbally abusing everyone and repeatedly stomping on the call button to summon flight attendants. Attempts by the crew to move her away from the emergency exit were met with punches and the defiant claim, “I paid for this seat.”

Valeria’s strange behavior persisted until the end of the Antalya-Moscow flight. During the landing phase, she twice ventured into the tail section of the plane. In her first foray, she emptied a trash bag in search of a one-hundred-dollar bill.

Upon landing, law enforcement personnel boarded the plane to apprehend the disruptive passenger. Valeria exited the aircraft to applause from passengers, taunting the police officer by declaring, “I won’t go anywhere with a loser like you.” On the tarmac, she defiantly showed her middle finger to the pilots and ground personnel.

Russians passing through Margarita Island’s airport in Venezuela will encounter a new approach to alcohol distribution. Russian travelers are no longer handed the alcohol they purchase before their flight; instead, they receive it through vouchers right before boarding.

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