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Ukrainian Railways

Ukrainian Railways Updated Information on Train Delays Due to Missile Attack

Ukrainian Railways reported that as of 12:00, 7 trains were delayed by more than 30 minutes. 

As of 12:00, 7 trains are more than 30 minutes late: No. 119/120 Lviv – Zaporizhzhia (delay for 4 hours and 49 minutes); #91/92 Kharkiv – Odesa (delay for 3 hours and 11 minutes); #191/192 Kramatorsk – Odesa (delay for 3 hours and 11 minutes); No. 53/54 Odesa – Dnipro (delay for 3 hours and 7 minutes); No. 3/4 Zaporizhzhia – Uzhhorod (delayed for one hour and 48 minutes); #111/112 Kyiv – Izyum (delayed for one hour and 14 minutes); #725/726 Kharkiv – Kyiv (delayed for 56 minutes).

“If, due to a train delay, you risk being late for a transfer, please inform our conductor in advance, and we will find a solution. We will continue moving – until victory itself!” – stressed the press service of Ukrainian Railways.

Missile attack on Ukraine on March 9

On March 9, the Russians launched more than 80 missiles on the territory of Ukraine. Emergency blackouts were applied in several areas.

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