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Ukraine Open Borders. Entry Requirements

Ukraine has canceled the restrictions on entry to the country for foreigners, introduced earlier due to the threat of the spread of a new type of coronavirus. The border was closed from August 27 to September 28.

From now on, foreigners are allowed to enter our country. Foreigners crossing the state border to enter Ukraine must have an insurance policy (certificate) issued by an insurance company registered in Ukraine or a foreign insurance company with a representative office in Ukraine or a contractual relationship with an insurance company – a partner in Ukraine (assistance), and covers the costs associated with the treatment of COVID-19, observation, and is valid for the period of stay in Ukraine. This policy is not required for foreigners permanently residing in Ukraine.

Tourists arriving in Ukraine from the countries of the red zone must go to self-isolation or present a negative COVID-19 PCR test (of less than 48 hours).

Just the red zone includes 50 countries. Of these, 35 are included in the list on the basis of a high incidence rate, 15 due to the fact that countries do not keep statistics.

Red zone counties: Israel, Andorra, Bahrein, Montenegro, Costa Rica, Spain, Peru, Bahamas, Czech Republic, Kuwait, Panama, France, Brazil, Maldives, Colombia, Republic of Moldova, USA, Luxemburg, Belgium, Cabo Verde, Paraguay, Iraq, Lebanon, Oman, Libya, Malta, Netherlands, Chile, UAE, Qatar, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monaco, Trinidad and Tobago, Korea, Kiribati, Marshall Island, Micronesia, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Rwanda, Samoa, Salomon Islands, Tonga, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Tanzania, Vanuatu.

In case of any other issues related to the requirements for these policies, we recommend contacting the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

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